I devoted an entire page to fees and payments because I fully understand that needing help and being able to afford it, don't always go together. I also understand that even when a therapist's fee is affordable, it may not be clear what it is you are actually paying for. Additionally, you may even want to get some support from your health insurance in covering costs of services. Here are some common questions that I am asked, that I am happy to share answers to. 

1. What are you fees?

My fee is 120 dollars for a 60 minute in office or virtual session and this includes personal therapy as well as therapy for you and your loved one.

2. What exactly am I paying for?

I wish more people asked me this question! It is important for you to know exactly where your hard earned money is being utilized! As one of my mentors says, "Even 20 dollars is too expensive for therapy that is not a good fit!". It only makes sense that I am transparent with you about what you are paying for. What you are paying for  educated, trained, skilled and experienced support and consultation that spans 14 years, 2 continents, 2 graduate degrees and several certifications to be able to help you in very specific and proven ways. Depending on your preference, this also includes weekly handouts/worksheets customized for your specific concern that you can work on or refer to in between sessions. 

3. Do you have lower fee slots?

Yes! Life can be stressful enough- I created a fixed number of these slots to ease some of that stress for you. These are limited in number so please do feel free to contact me to ask if any are available. 

4. Do you take insurance?

I provide superbills that you can give your insurance for reimbursement.  There are specific reasons why I don't take insurance that I am happy to share with you, when we speak. A low fee slot maybe a better option for you, if you'd like to use your insurance because of the lower cost. I recommend checking in with your insurance to make sure they accept superbills for our services and staying mindful of deductibles.  

5. How can I pay?

All fees are due on the day of the session or before. Payments can be made by exact cash, check or by card including HSA/FSA cards. 

6. Can my loved one pay for my sessions?

Yes!. There is a small added step for this if which I am happy to go over when we speak. 

7. Any considerations for students/prelicensed therapists/grad students?
Absolutely. If you are a prelicensed therapist, check out my services above designed especially for you. If you are a student in general, lets talk and determine if a low fee slot can work!

8. Can I pay for multiple sessions at a time?

Yes! I offer plans for 4 sessions at a time at the start of the first session. 


Therapy is a process of investing in yourself. Unlike a toothache or broken bone, we may not consider seeing a therapist as urgent or necessary because the wound or pain isn't as obvious. However, not sleeping well, crying all day, not being able to concentrate, feeling lonely despite being with your loved one and physical impact stemming from psychological distress is not easy to experience. If you're looking to experience relief in day to day life, it maybe worthwhile to consider treating this like a broken bone that won't let you walk or run like you want to. 

That being said, I understand that you may feel the most committed and willing but affordability is genuinely a factor. Please do know that I am happy to email/phone chat with you offer you alternatives to therapists/agencies that offer support and will be more fitting for your budget. No hard feelings. 

The goal is to get you the support you want. With me or with someone else who maybe a better fit!