If you checked out my site and realized that you don't fit any of my stated specializations, you are still in the right place.


My clients range from those who match my specializations exactly to those who don't but resonate with my out-of-the-box openness, approach and style. In fact, sometimes its simply each other's personality and way of being that resonates so much more than a specific specialization! 

I see a wide range of clients from those that are bogged down by pressures of daily life which can range from chronic illness, work-a-holism (their own or someone else's) or families who feel disconnected but wish to come together again. What is typically in common is that we connect in style, approach and trust. 

I recommend you take a  few minutes and review this website including the About Nam section, Approach and Style and Types of Services offered. If this feels positive for you, do not hesitate to call me. We may be an excellent fit and go on to do wonderful work together.

...and if we don't, call me anyway. I lead a community of close to 5000 therapists from all around the world. I want you to find the support you need and am happy to connect you with some stellar colleagues who are closer to what you are looking for! 

The goal is for you to find what you need. That remains my priority whether we work together or I refer you to someone who can offer you a better fit.