Dear you, 

This is hard, isn't it? Being where you are, going through what you have been...and now being on  therapist website wondering if there is someone out there who will "get it".

If I am imagining this correctly, you are here with some weight on your shoulders- some thoughts and feelings that swirl around inside you and you don't know what to do with it all. In fact, you may not even know where to start or whom to turn to.

I imagine that you are here right now, silently thinking that...

If people really knew what was going on in your head, they would be shocked or at least surprised.

Some of the things that you think, feel, and experience could probably hurt some feelings or be easily judged by others .

You do your best to be a good person  but it never feels like it is good enough. Especially when it feels like you are carrying around stuff that if anyone truly knew , they might completely cut you out of their lives, judge you or think you're crazy. What they see on the outside and what you feel on the inside, are not the same.


Here's the thing...

You are not crazy. You are sane and you are not alone.

Truth is that our world doesn't make it easy to be real. Everything and everyone around us tells us it is NOT okay to say the uncomfortable, messy things... or to make "bad" choices. But in all honesty, there are no perfect choices. There are no perfect answers. Whatever you are going through does NOT make you "crazy". It makes you who you are and it makes you, you. It may not fit the neat little boxes that society or others have created but that's okay. That simply means that you and I need to figure out how best to get "through this thing we call life" (I just quoted Prince on my professional website. You can trust that I don't fit a lot of typical-therapist boxes either!)

Sitting alone, shoving everything you are experiencing inside down and keeping it all a secret...THAT will make you feel crazy... that will keep you up at night.

I  can make you all kinds of promises right now about how I can help you and how skilled and trained I am. I am, but can we talk person-to-person for a second? I mean, that is why I am writing to you!

I see you. This is hard and you have done your best to make it through it all. You are carrying all of this weight and some of it you understand and some of it you may not. 

How about you  finally give yourself a space to talk all of this out, get help with a process that will allow you to find joy and freedom in your life within the imperfection?Maybe even finally move beyond the things that you determine are truly holding you back?

In our conversations you will notice that this process involves looking at all the stories, ideas or beliefs that may have been created within you as a result of your life experience, cultural, political and social influences. These stories when unhelpful, are usually the ones that create our struggles.

How about we have some conversation that will help you change those stories to something that IS helpful and preferred by you?I ask you as not only do I have this skill and training, but I have also been you. I often tell my clients that I wouldn't be sitting here doing this, had I not sat where you are. 

This is important for you to know- because if you choose to call me, you will have a professional with 14 years of experience on the other end ...but you will also have a person just like you, who gets it.  

We will do this together. 

Take some time and stroll around this website. Get to know my approach, my specializations and logistics like fees and location. If none of it works, you can walk away. But if something clicks...if there is some part of you that wonders if we could work together on all that you are going through, please do call me. I am happy to figure this out with you. 

 Maybe we are the exact team that needs to collaborate to get your life from where it is, to where you want it to be? 

In support,