Hi! I am Nam and I created RISE & FLY as an in-person or online therapy service that is designed specifically keeping your  Pre-Licensed journey in mind.

Deeper exploration of personal issues with consideration of the context of being a therapist-in-training, can help you not only be the best therapist you can be to your clients, but also allows you to live your life in a way that is not bogged down by avoidable personal obstacles.

Rise &FLY is about setting yourself free to be the person you want to be in the therapy room by nurturing, understanding and loving the person you are in your life.  As dear Yalom says...you can only take your clients as far as you have gone yourself. 



                         Nam Rindani, LMFT # 95083

                         Nam Rindani, LMFT # 95083


                    dear prelicensee...from, nam

An open letter (and video interview) to pre-licensed therapists.
You represent the most valuable part of the therapist community-you are the future Bowens, Freuds and Virginia Satirs. You represent the tomorrow of our field. You matter and making sure you look after yourself through this journey,  matters. This is my letter to you- out of nothing but respect, care and encouragement for your experience and the need you may have for some support, comfort and relief. 


therapy for registered interns/associates

Therapy services to help you explore, understand and safely examine all that influences who you are as a person, therapist-in-training and future licensed therapist. A safe space for you to attend to all your  deeper personal experiences while juggling the role of a pre-licensed therapist. 
Psych Associates, ASWs included!


therapy for graduate students

Therapy services designed to help you lay a solid foundation of self awareness as you rise to begin the road to becoming a therapist. Safe and affordable, these services are focused on creating room for you to work on yourself and your personal life in a way that will lessen the stresses of the road ahead and make grad school and the time after, a lot easier!